Our Staff

Terry Hooper (Ride leader)



A retired-policeman from the UK, Terry is more than 15 times finisher of our VOLCANO tour, so he knows the island very well. Terry now spends the whole winter season in Tenerife, living the dream; cycling every day and sampling the best of Tenerife cuisine. Terry is a strong and reliable rider, never slow to offer support where needed on the road. He’s always smiling, especially when its time for a coffee stop. Terry “2-Puds” loves his cake and hot chocolate and has a weakness for the speciality on La Gomera island – ‘milk with palm honey’.

Eloy Arbelo (Ride Leader + On-Road Support)



Eloy discovered his love of cycling riding all the mountain bike trails around Tenerife as a youth. The Delgado brothers suggested he try road biking and the rest, as they say, is history. Like Alberto and Marcos, Eloy has a good international perspective having lived abroad for 10 years, and his English is fluent. He’s got a wicked sense of humour and a contagious smile – a real people person. Eloy makes a valuable contribution, both as Ride Leader, or as one of TBT’s Support Van Drivers.

Mama Delgado (our “chef”)



A core part of TBT’s philosophy is to treat each client as if they were part of our close-knit family. So at the end of the last ride of every Tour, we guide you to the Delgado’s traditional Canarian home, nestling in the pretty hills high above La Orotava. There, Mama Delgado will greet you with a warm smile and the wonderful aroma of her expert cooking; the centre piece of which is always a huge PAELLA, cooked the traditional way, of course.

Christopher Pougniet (Massage Therapist)



Do you need a massage after the Queen´s or King´s day route? Just ask for Christopher and you’ll get one of the best therapists on the island. A fluent English and French speaker, Christopher has been with TBT for the last 2 years, offering general Sports Massage and Personalised Therapy services at very competitive rates to many of our clients.

General Sports Masage is great for both preparation and recuperation after training. Christopher uses deep-tissue massage technics to help the muscles flush away lactic acid. In Personalized Therapy sessions, he can use digito-pressure techniques to ease the effects of localised pain. Combined, these techniques should help you enjoy your Mt. Teide challenge whilst hopefully avoiding much unnecessary suffering.