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«Hola Guys, thanks for a fantastic week as ever . Also please thank your mum and dad for a lovely paella party – that’s a lovely addition and makes it very personal and special . I know we’ll all be back soon – not been the same since discovering warm milk and palm honey. Cheers Amigos.»

Andrew Parfitt (UK), 2 ISLANDS tour, January 2019

«Thank you so much for a fantastic week on the AMATEUR tour. It was great to cycling in Tenerife, and really woke up our muscles after a lazy winter! I´m pretty sure we´ll be back in the future to enjoy the fabulous scenery and weather, and take advantage of your local knowledge, great service and good humour! Thanks to your mum»

Sheena McLagan (UK), AMATEUR tour, February 2018

«Marcos & Alberto, Thank you very much for an excellent week. It was brilliant but tough for me as well. It was an achievement for me to complete but the back up support was fantastic from all three of you on your team. Your parents are lovely people and have a beautiful house and garden. There welcome was wonderful.It has inspired me to have a go and learn Spanish!!. Lots of people at work have asked me how it went and one guy is thinking of doing the volcano tour next year with you. I would also like to mention about the hotel paradise as well, I thought it was excellent and friendly. I must say ive felt the effects this week but slowly recovering but as they say no pain no gain! Marcos and Alberto thankyou very much for last week and good luck in London in August.I hope to meet up with you again sometime. Very kind regards»

Steve Sharpe (UK), VOLCANO tour, March 2018

«Desperate to find a place to ride in the European winter that is in warm weather and has challenging rides, we chose to do a week long tour with Alberto and Marcos Delgado of Tenerife Bike Training. And what a week it was. The weather was superb, the rides range from very challenging to less so. Regardless of the terrain they are always very scenic. Alberto and Marcos have a first class operation, always available to provide food and drinks and clothing as the conditions dictate. And descending from El Teide to sea level for over 35km can make extra gear necessary. Not having to carry the gear up to El Teide is quite an energy saver. The highlight of the trip not related to cycling is having lunch at the bothers parents house. Mr. and Mrs. Delgado make perfect hosts making delicious traditional dishes from produce grown at their property. This is a unique experience not to be missed. We cannot wait to once again ride in Tenerife. And of course join the family for lunch. There must be a reason why so many professional teams choose to train in Tenerife, we now know why»

Russell (USA), CHALLENGE tour, November 2018

«Marcos & Alberto, thanks for a great week of cycling! I had a fantastic time in Tenerife getting to see the sights, the mountains, the descents & Hotel Paradise! It was an awesome challenge – which at times I never thought I would complete. Thank you to both of you for such challenging routes support & organization – as well as the food, fun & laughs along the way. I hope to come back again for another trip – faster & stronger!»

Penny Thorn (UK), VOLCANO tour, December 2019